Gerald of Wales

In 1188 two churchmen undertook a journey which was to encompass much of Wales. They were Baldwin, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Gerald de Barri, Archdeacon of Brecon. 

Remarkably we have a contemporary account of the journey.  Gerald wrote a book about it entitled Itinerarium Kambriae, which gives a marvellous view into that distant time. Remarkably too, the places they visited can still in some way be enjoyed today, as I and poet Semba Jallow-Rutherford were to discover  when we undertook the same journey. 

The forthcoming book Gerald's Journey seeks to present our discoveries. It isn't strictly a book on history or topography, more a present day response to that previous journey. 

We aim to offer something different - an alternative to the many books on heritage or tourism that use a format of phototgraphs and information. 


This book is very much a personal, imaginative response, conveyed through words and pictures. It has as its theme places that were visited in the 12th century and now revisited in the 21st. It could serve both as inspiration and as a handbook for a journey that many others may wish to embark upon. 

Perhaps it is time to look again at Gerald's world - one like ours of changes and risks and crusades.

Visiting the actual sites greatly enhances contact with that past. The journey can be made in whole or in part; on foot, by train or bus, by bicycle or car. 

So much of Wales may still be considered an unknown to the general public. Unknown also is Gerald's world. Here a search is made for what remains. 


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Gerald of Wales